Preschool Soccer Drills That Develop Fundamental Skills

One of the responsibilities you have as the youth soccer coach to devise some exercises for soccer in the preschool age that help your players master basic skills. These are the fundamentals that you’ll be working on throughout the year. No matter how far your kids progress in soccer it is their understanding of the fundamentals that determine how much satisfaction they experience.

These are only a few of examples of soccer drills in preschools that you can incorporate into your soccer lessons for children.

Sharks and Fish

This soccer drill teaches younger players to not just move around with the ball but also provides them with great exercises in maintaining control of the ball.

Begin the game by selecting any player to play as the shark. The other players are fish. Let the fish gather on the opposite side of the playing field using their balls, and let the shark move free in the field (without any ball).

If you blow your whistle, let all the fish try spbo com to move from one side in the fields to opposite by using their ball. Sharks try to take or knock the ball off of the fish as they move past. If all players have crossed the field or dropped their balls the game is over. All players who lost their balls are sharks for the next round.

The game continues until all the fish are sharks. It is determined by the final player who is able to control their ball. The winner is Shark for following game.

Steal the Bacon

Steal the Bacon is a classic game that teaches the importance of aggressive game play and also the art of winning loose balls.

Split your group by two sections. To get maximum benefit from this exercise, the two groups must be evenly equal. Choose a different number of the players of each group. Try to match the abilities of the players with that of the one in the other group. For example, Player 1 of Group A, and player #1 from Group B ought to be similar players.

Make sure that the two groups form a line side-by-side at opposite ends on the field. The drill will begin by throwing the ball in center of field and then calling out a specific number. Players whose numbers are called will sprint towards the ball and attempt to take possession of the ball. After they’ve won the ball, they will then dribble across the field and try to hit the ball towards the goal.

A player who is unable to score the ball first is now a defender, and will try to stop the ball’s the handler scoring. If they are able to take the ball, they must move the ball towards their target and make a score. The game continues until a player scores. If neither team can score, then you can make a second call and two players will join the teammates to assist.

When the match progresses,, you may begin by calling multiple numbers which means you’ll have several players on each team who are participating in the exercise.

Soccer drills for preschoolers are an excellent opportunity for your kids to have fun while improving their fundamental soccer skills.